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The Great Chain of Being

The scala naturae, also known as the great chain of being, places humans at the top of a hierarchy of complexity, intelligence, and value. Furthermore, intrinsic to this scheme is the idea that there is a qualitative difference between humans and all other animals.

The Great Chain of Being is an excursion into the past, with a clear mission–to discourage the assumption that all is known, or that what is known is not subject to modifi cation at a later time. lovejoy reaffirms the "intrinsic worth of diversity," as a caution against certitude.

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The concept of the "Great Chain of Being" begins with a marriage of Plato’s Idea of the Good who is bound by its own principle of plenitude to generate every possible Idea and temporal being, and Aristotle’s scala naturae (ladder of Nature). Later, Plotinus, one of the greatest systematisers and mystics of late Antiquity, integrated Platonic.

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The great chain of being hierarchy. at the top of the hierarchy were closer to god. what is half way down the chain. humankind. The animal plant and stone hierarchies could also be. divided into smaller categories and ranks. What does each individual have.

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This essay presents a brief summary of the great chain of being, as historically conceived and as it is reappearing in modern evolutionary and.

The Great Chain of Being is a classical[?] and western medieval conception of the order of the universe, whose chief characteristic is a strict hierarchal system.

The theory of evolution arose against the background of a philosophical concept known as the Great Chain of Being.[1] Personally, I don't think the chain.

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