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 · Trying to sell your products and services but having little success? Learn the 10 essential selling principles that most salespeople get terribly wrong.

A notebook is useful for jotting down big visible items before bidding starts in order to calculate how much you might be able to earn from them. A padlock . You’ll want to put your own lock on a unit immediately after settling up with the storage facility.

Consider selling clothing on places like Poshmark and thredUP. Just be sure to always include pictures of your items. People won’t even consider buying your antique floor lamp if your listing doesn’t have a picture. And research similar items before you price yours so you can get an accurate idea of what to ask. 8. Have a truck.

10 house-buying stress busters Moving home is ranked as one of life’s most stressful events after bereavement and divorce, but if you’re planning to buy this spring there are steps you can take on the path to picking up the keys that will help keep anxiety at bay.

More valuable items can be offered on eBay and bulkier possessions, such as furniture, are naturals for Craigslist. In the right season, yard sales can help dispose of what’s left over.

Selling before buying is the way most people buy a home as the proceeds from. to qualify for a new mortgage while carrying debt on the existing home.. Consider short-term housing, moving expenses, storage, realtor fees, and so on.. There are two big roadblocks individuals in this situation often face:.

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Exactly. The social media site seen all over the world is an ideal way to lose your unwanted furniture. On the site’s homepage, there is a furniture category in the second row listed under For Sale. Browse through the current listings and do some research on how to sell unwanted items online before posting pictures of your once favorite bedroom.

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