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The first portion is a removable media tower or cage for holding filter media, whereas the second portion is a media tower guide support structure that is mounted to a surface of a tank. In a second embodiment, a load cell or a weighing assembly is disposed above the removable media tower.

In "The Republic," Plato creates the allegory of the cave– a place where many are chained and forced to face a wall.The sun streaming into the cave creates shadows on the wall — shadows they see as reality. One fellow escapes, goes outside, sees the sun and returns to tell those who remain about the source of their half-baked realities.

 · The Dark Tower is somewhere between those two. In truth, I was never excited about the movie. I was excited about the idea of the movie. Well, not "the" movie; "a" Dark Tower movie, yes, but never this particular one. It became real evident real quick that this was going to bear very little relation to the movie playing in my head; so it never had a chance to really get me pumped up with true.

 · The SXSW fans who are so desperate to be cool they love DJs who don’t exist: Jimmy Kimmel is up to his old tricks at festival. Talk show host and.

What Is A Mortgage Deficiency Judgment? A deficiency judgment is a full-fledged judgment for the total balance of the mortgage debt, including all collection costs, legal fees, advances for taxes, insurance, etc etc., less the claimed value of the property foreclosed on AT THE TIME OF THE FORECLOSURE.

 · Net Present Value vs. internal rate of Return. If both have an IRR of 18%, then the investments are in certain respects comparable, in spite of the difference in duration. Yet, the same is not true for net present value. Unlike IRR, NPV exists as a single value applying the entirety of a projected investment period.

Follow/Fav A gamer among Pirates: East Blue File. By:. And even his "Devil’s Tower" isn’t something to be afraid about, the Marines have ships that make that tower look like a pea-shooter.. does the abyss auction exist in this world?’ he ponders, searching through the device for a app to.

 · The Haunted Wordsmith’s Fibbing Friday july 19 2019 Here’s the questions: Why is there an e’ on the end of toe but not potato? What did the lettuce say to the rabbit? What is the best type of stick? Why are wheat crackers so tasty? What happens at the rainbow factory on clear days? Which.

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